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Was born at Tehran and started photography when he was 6, with an easy, and simple camera, he continued photography until university, Mohammadali followed art, drawing, photography, beside other sciences in University of Beheshty (Melli), in both academically and operational fields. Ardehali started technical aspects of photography at chemical lab with film development tank and enlargement of photo at the same place, He taught what he learnt to other students, about different technique , chemicals, object to image ratio, darkroom, composition, contact print, black & white photography,... Mohammadali Ardehali also hold two solo exhibitions at the same time. he also arranged some papers, article about art, painting, and impressionism as well. He enjoys of specialties in full length portrait, geometric perspective, aerial perspective, viewfinder, and framing of the photo. Mohammadali still works with a very simple camera, since he believes to the feel of photographer, more than high technical camera. He says: "The Life also can be an Art, if we act as an Artist."