How to Buy and Sell

HOW to BuY:

-The first step for purchasing of our art products through Ardehali Art Online Gallery , is selecting your art pieces with the name of artists and the name of art’s works.

-You have also to send your inquiry to Ardehali Art Online Gallery via email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. accompany with full details of your selection of art pieces.

-for local customers they are welcomed to visit us at Ardehali Art Gallery premises , to watch selected art pieces and negotiation about the situation of art works or other subject in this respect.

-we are pleased to welcome to any visitors at our premises visiting different kind, size , price, from different artists of visual arts.

-we will deliver the purchased art works at suitable packaging at the customer’s location.

The payment will be paid purchaser in cash or credit card.

-The payment will be done against official bill/factor and certificate of origin issued by “Ardehali Art Gallery”

-Additionally, our experts, upon your request, can assist you to find the most suitable work of art based on your requirements.

-for foreign buyers, we have arranged facilities to deliver the purchased art at your location therefore, “Ardehali Art Gallery” is responsible for the process of logistics. Buyers, after completion of purchase, will receive the artwork in a professional packaging condition and accurate control of the route to destination, in one week.

All expenses for transferring artwork outside of the country of origin, are with Ardehali Art Gallery , Please note that, Ardehali Art Gallery sends the purchased artwork only once. In any cases, if the buyer could not receive the artwork for any reason, the artwork will be returned and for resending the artwork, all expenses will be up to the buyer.


-Either you an artist or owner of an artwork? Are you willing to have your artwork exhibited in Ardehali Art Online Gallery?

-If you are interested to sell different kinds of visual art “Ardehali Art Online Gallery” is ready to offer you a wide range of services. If you are willing to sell artworks through “Ardehali Art Online Gallery”, please sign up to our “Ardehali Art Online Gallery” and follow as per instruction menu “How to use our website”, and easily you will be joined us, then you can represent your arts with full detail at your page ( Selected Artist) .

 -Another method is contact one of our offices. Our experts are always available to assist you in exhibiting and selling your artworks. “Ardehali Art Online Gallery” certifies the authenticity of your artwork and based on experts’ reviews, which is documented in a certification catalogue attached to your artwork’s certificate, they will suggest you the best options suitable for your artwork to be showcased in “Ardehali Art Online Gallery” , We offer an excellent client service and guide you through the entire process.