Donskoi Alexander

Donskoi Alexander

I was born in one of the most unique, mystical and enigmatic places on earth. It’s called Far East Russia. A very long time ago it was very powerful, strong kingdom called Balhae.

In 1991 I moved to Canada, where I continue working on my drawings and paintings, as well as studying and becoming fascinated by the early Netherlands/Flemish artists, as well as the greatest surrealist artists. During past 20 years I had many solo and group shows. I had several publications and interviews with TV programs, and numerous of my art works were sold to private collectors around the globe.

As I become more mature and experienced I realised that to be recognised as a Master of the Fine art, it is not enough only to create art, but also to become an advocate of art.

For many years I been promoting the Neo-Renaissance movement, but you have to understand that is not necessarily my only artistic style. My calling is a calling to all artists to give birth to, to restore and to renovate creations of fine art!

We’ve had enough wars and destruction! It’s time to build and create beautiful and inspirational artworks, so that the next generation will not be ashamed of what we did in a past but instead, with pride, will continue to live prosperous and peaceful lives in harmony with each other!

With a deep understanding and appreciation of the past and good proper foundation for the present and future!